Metro Vancouver is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis due to short supply and foreign investment. Many locals find themselves unable to buy a home in the city, forcing them to move to the suburbs and away from their jobs.

As Vancouver awaits city council’s framework for making new housing supply available first to people who work and live in the city, some real estate developers have taken leadership to launch their own Locals First programs.

To support that campaign, we have launched Localsfirst.ca, a website with a mandate to help locals find presale projects that have implemented a Locals First program. Our goal is to ensure that we highlight projects that truly allow locals fair access and priority access.


“My priority as mayor is to deliver new housing supply that is first and foremost for people who live and work in Vancouver, and this motion aims to give local residents the first opportunity to purchase a new home,” 

Gregor Robertson

“People living and working in Metro Vancouver will soon get first dibs on pre-sale homes in the city.”

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